Shimmer Top Coat 500ml

Shimmer Top Coat 500ml

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L'essentail European Style Shimmer High Gloss Top Coat is a water based, hard wearing, washable top coat.

The shimmer gives superior light reflecting qualities making this an ideal product for special effects and decorative finishes. It will dry to a high shine with a luminescent look to it.

It can be used straight from the jar or diluted with up tp 20% water for a more fluid application.


Stir contents thoroughly. Can be applied with a roller, spray gun or brush. Keeping a wet edge will ensure an even application.

Can be applied over any L'essential paints, why not try experimenting withdifferent brush techniques such as cross hatching and brushing in all directions.

You can also add a touch of paint colour to *Shimmer Top Coat to give a perfect Shimmer translucent coloured top coat.