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HACK workshops

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There is now an abundance of information and channels from social media, podcasts and youtube and learning abut the world of furniture upcycling, revamping and the various chalk type paints, mineral paints, milk paints, & techniques and it can be all to overwhelming. Would you like to tackle a small project to get you started and learn some basic skills....or essentially just hang out for an arvo and have a bit of fun using some paint and simple home decor items from Kmart, Ikea, and other places...Then this is the class for you....two items to paint, simply stencil and perhaps learn to do a simple little decoupage. I do use the a variety of paint and finishes from many Australian and International suppliers

A simple class to introduce you to my addictive world of painting and upcycling.  


The HACK classes change every two months. And I am proud to say we are now into our 4th cycle. 

This time we  will tackle a large serving tray and a cute planter pot. ...generic until you get your hands on them...